сряда, 26 февруари 2014 г.

Wishful Wednesday


Wishful Wednesday

     I love this pants from the bottom of my heart. The tie-dye prints are lovely and it reminds me of my home country: Nigeria. These same prints come as a maxi gown but I prefer this pants because they would be easy to combine with neon, pastelle and, other equally lovely prints. So yeah...I wish :)


Fashion Icon: Miroslava Duma

      I saw her for the first time via Fashion Chalet. She looked like a teenage model of some sort with her baseball jacket and Chanel backpack. Days later I spotted her on Stockholm Streetstyle and, other style blogs that cover Fashion Week. Miroslava Duma, former editor for Harper's Bazaar Russia is such an urbanista. Her outfits are always well-detailed if there's even such a word. When I saw her in that buttoned down blazer and cap to match during FW "paying homage to the old Chanel", her military look had my at *Hello, Hi, Can I have that?*

 via The Ray & The Ro, Style Inspo, The Styleograph.
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